Kristin Eckstein has always had a deep and active passion for art. As a young girl growing up in New Orleans, she constantly explored different creative avenues and involved herself with many artistic organizations. Kristin studied studio art at Colorado College, where she practiced painting, woodworking, printmaking, and welding. Focusing primarily on painting, her four years at CC concluded with an impressive thesis show, Untitled, featuring a collection of raw and boldly expressive abstract oil paintings. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the spring of 2009, Kristin returned home to her native New Orleans, whose rich culture and natural landscape intimately influence her work. In early 2010, Kristin was awarded an artist-in-residence position with Ya/Ya Inc, a New Orleans based artistic and professional enrichment program dedicated to supporting promising young artist in the metropolitan area. In May of 2010, Kristin had a solo exhibition show at the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center entitled Coming Home: Rooted In The River City. The show featured paintings and sculptures completed during her residency with Ya/Ya. In 2012 Kristin joined the RAWartists community and was featured in several of their montly art exhibitions.  In 2013, Kristin  moved to New York to obtain her Master's degree in Art Therapy at New York University.  Currently, Kristin is working an Art Therapist in a NYC public school program.  While pursuing her career as an art therapist, Kristin continues to paint in her home-based studio in Brooklyn, NY, drawing upon the city she came from, city she lives n, and the rivers that hold them both for inspiration.

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